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Beijing Labagou Virgin Forest Park
     Located in the core area of the virgin forest of Labagou Manzu County, Huairou District, Beijing Labagou Virgin Forest Park is 150 kilometers from the downtown of Beijing and 100 kilometers away from the center of Huairou District. It has obvious location advantages, for it’s adjacent to National Highway No. 111 and Bashang Grassland in Hebei Province, and enjoys rare and unique tourism resources. With the whole area of 45 square kilometers and 60 kilometers of tour paths, the park can be divided into three parts for sightseeing, namely, Nanhou Peak, Baizhang Cliff and Glacier Area  .
    With vast areas of hills and numerous trees, Labagou Virgin Forest Park has fresh air and fascinating scenery. In the deep forest, some mysteries of natural science are still veiled. The altitude of the whole virgin forest is between 700 meters and 1700 meters above the sea level. The highest peak, Nanhou Peak, is 1705 meters high, and it is also the highest in Huairou District. Because of its high altitude and its forest climate, it’s cool in summer, and the average temperature stays at about 22℃ even in the hottest month with sharp difference of temperature between the day and the night. At the end of September, there are brilliant and colorful  fall foliage owing to its high altitude and thus short frost-free period. Covered by over 90% of primitive forest area, Labagou Virgin Forest Park still maintains a diversified multi-layer primitive forest, ranging from wetland moss to tree. There are more than 600 kinds of plant species, including the only remaining primordial oak forest in Beijing, the most widespread birches and alpine cuckoo,  a large area of aspen, Chinese pine, maple, purple birch, larch, and many rare species including wild walnut Chinese catalpa, phellodendron amurense and tilia amurensis. The Forest Park is an ideal home for wildlife to thrive with the deep quiet environment, the vast forest and the rich food provided by the forest vegetation. Retaining more than 300 kinds of wild animals, the Forest Park is a kingdom of biological diversity.




    Labagou Virgin Forest Park is the first choice for summer resort of natural ecological sightseeing and a car camp for leisure with its unique geographical landscape and intact forest ecological environment.

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